-Promotional videos

-Landing Pages

-Responsive E-Commerce

-Social Media Imagery


An omnichannel campaign that increased leads and sales in record time that allowed the client to become an influencer on the space


-Social Media Strategy

-User Experience Design

-Website development

-Communication channels



The client goal was to raise awareness of a cloth renting.
They have a clear understanding of the process and business requirements for fulfilling the need.

Their hypothesis was that showcasing the “use” of the cloth, and the connection with the feelings a great personal image would generate.

Strategy Outline - Phase 1

This was the main awareness stage. We planted the seed that renting is cool, modern, hip and trendy

Strategy Outline - Stage 2

For this stage, we focused on making the ocasion the main actor. We ensured the customer was clear on how fast and easy was to rent and return. “Select, configure, XXXX, Return”.

In the landing page, we explained a bit more in depth on how ABZEZ works.