House of Talent



-Branding and identity Design

-User Experience Design

-User Interface Design


A new brand and website that express the client's need and wants. A tool for reaching out the new talents all over the world.


-Iterative design


-User Interface design


Understanding the problem

The client wanted a platform in which emerging talents could collaborate, share their music and learn.

Miami Talent existed, but it wasn't meeting the goal, so our challenge was to create a brand that generates trust and inspiration and at the same time meets the client's goals.

A new brand

We had face-to-face sessions in which we interviewed our client in order to understand what was their vision, passion, dreams. With all that info and having the clients and future clients of Miami's Talent in mind, we began our creative exploration.

The Talents

The creator behind the idea of Miami Talent is a passionate individual with a long story. With all his experience, he wanted to support emerging artists from different backgrounds. Having this in mind, we created different users personas with different needs, wants, geographics, cultures, and psyches

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Once we defined the User Experience, the looks, sounds, interactions came almost naturally.

We choose two color palettes for both designs in order to create different feelings.