Kaplan Group



-Branding and identity Design.

-User Experience Design.

-User Interface Design.


Decrease the complexity of the website. 

45% increase in valid leads from partners.


-Iterative design


-User Interface design


Developing the strategy

Over three days, we explore the website to identify what could be used in the new designs, what was relevant and what was not We delve into the brand needs as well we understood Kaplan Group clients (and potential clients) need

Defining the brand

We analyzed different competitors to uncover the tone, looks and feelings. Then we created two different concepts with the same purpose but with a different brand identity.

Causing Delight

With all the information, we create our first sketches and tested it to detect early mistakes before prototyping.

We used prototyping tools and we did competitive testing to help us to transform Kaplan Group of Companies' design.

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Creating visual engagement

Once we defined the User Experience, the looks, sounds, interactions came almost naturally.

We choose two color palettes for both designs in order to create different feelings.