Naturophatic Medicine Institute


-User Experience Design

-User Interface Design

-Website Development


A new website that allows directing their potential members, donors, volunteers and operations. Optimized for communicating the NMI efforts and latest offerings.


-Brand voice

-Business process optimization

-User Interface design


Uncovering the pain

The client was getting constant pushes by their community about the usability of their platform, complaining about how convoluted it was to use. Accessing the information they needed to improve their ability as Naturopaths was severely hindered.

The NMI was providing value, but stressing their people that wanted to access their value. We had to rethink their strategy from the bottom up.

We met with their Executive team and their team leaders to understand not only their internal processes, but to also to uncover how they wanted to interact with the website and the community.

Users First

Being an NPO they had Members, Volunteers, Donors and General Population as their actors. And they all needed attention and a good story to follow along to what they wanted.
So we crafted a homepage narrative to follow along, to ensure that each actor has an engaging experience.

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The new Beginning

The institute approved their new page, focused on ensuring the information is clear and accessible.
The results speak for themselves, as they’ve been able to promote the page with sponsors, donors, new members and roll out new programs three times faster than before.